Science Fiction for Savvy Readers–Saga SF–

The Measure of the Universe

Ellen Larson
ISBN 978-0966987744

Trade paperback, 118 pages

"Studded with clever double entendres and puns, this makes an engaging read for language lovers" -Booklist (click to read complete review)

"Enthusiastically recommended" -MWBR" (click to read complete review)

Dr. Thanau is an interesting heroine, one I wouldn't mind reading more about"  -SFReader (click to read complete review)

"Bookstore workers will hate trying to figure out where to shelve The Measure of the Universe, which cleverly weaves mystery, romance, and wordplay into a twenty-first century tale." -Strange Horizons (click to read complete review)

A wide-eyed archeologist from Antares arrives in the Greek isles to study ancient inscriptions with a sharp-tongued professor of paleography. Blundering through the lexical labyrinth, they search for love among the runes--and find a thread of deception that spells disaster for both their planets.

Will the amiable alien reveal his semantic secrets and save the day, or will his censorious superiors throw the book at him? Will the polygraphic professor go through with her covert capers or will she see the light? Fire up your universal translators, it's...

Prometheus, Bloodied but Unbound!